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The Department of Clinical Biochemistry of the SBMU  School of Medicine began its mission in 1964, and with its long background, it has trained and educated numerous graduate students at MSC and PhD levels who are rendering their services in various locations both nationally and internationally.

The lab of the department includes a general lab, a research lab, a cell-culture lab, a monoclonal antibody lab, and a phacia presentation lab.

The full-time academic staff members of the department include Professor Bahram Yaghmaie (Professor), Professor Abdol Hossein Bastani (Assistant Professor), Professor Shekoufeh Noori (Assistant Professor), Professor Siamak Salami (Associate Professor), and Professor Masoumeh Rajabibazl (Assistant Professor). 

In addition to rendering services to the students of PhD General in Medicine, PhD General in Dentistry and, PhD General in Pharmacy, the Department of Biochemistry offers courses and services to PhD students of Parasitology, Nano-biotechnology, Molecular Medicine, Immunology, etc. The research priorities of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry of the SBMU School of Medicine are in line with the global decisions of the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education; and bearing this in mind, the department has published numerous articles and has had many patents in cancer molecule mechanisms, the impacts of new compounds on cancers, recombinant antibodies, and human antibodies, as well as diagnostic kits.

The department has provided suitable grounds for other SBMU basic and clinical departments.   

The Research Interests of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry: 

The research interests and priorities of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry of the SBMU School of Medicine may be grouped as follows:

  1. Measuring biochemical parameters in Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular, MS, and aging diseases;
  2. Measuring free-radicals and enzymes;
  3. Biochemistry of cancers;
  4. Anti-oxidants;
  5. Measuring biochemical parameters in body fluids;
  6. Religious fasting;
  7. Cell death;
  8. Changes in the biochemical quantity in addicts and tobacco users


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