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The Department of Genetics of the SBMU School of Medicine was established two decades ago, with the integration of the Department of Bio-Chemistry”, under the name of “the department of Genetics & Bio-Chemistry”.

Since 2002, there had been a lot of efforts to establish an independent Department of Genetics which finally resulted in its establishment under the full support of the SBMU Chancellor, Professor Zali, in 2007. The Department is now benefitting from the presence new academic staff in line with the SBMU development and needs.

Bearing in mind the end of the project of Human Genome, and in order to utilize the great achievements in line with the reforms in medical education at SBMU, the Department of Genetics has attempted to initiate the educational program of maximum efficiency. The program has been used in basic and clinical levels with about 6 theoretical credits and one practical lab credit designed by the department.

The department has established specialized labs such as stem cell lab, molecular genetics lab, and so it has prepared a suitable environment for the students of medicine, and graduate students.

The department possesses a rich library with more than 150 of the most valid and outstanding journals from around the world, as well as a conference hall and some of the most advanced software in genetics.

The Department of Genetics of the SBMU School of Medicine is located at the 8th floor of the School of Medicine.

The presence of the SBMU Research Center for Genomics, and the scientific, financial, and logistics supports have all eased the educational and research activities of the department. 

The Department of Genetics at the SBMU School of Medicine has been active in the following genetics and genome fields of study: 

  1. Dysmorphology;
  2. Chromosome Disorders;
  3. Single-Gene Diseases;
  4. Familial Cancers;
  5. Audio-Visual Deformities; Mental Handicaps;
  6. Metabolic, Cardiovascular, Infectious, and Neuromuscular Diseases;
  7. Infertility and its Diagnostic Factors, Recurrent Abortions;
  8. Aging and Genetics;
  9. Transplantation;
  10. Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in Chronic Diseases;
  11. Genetic Changes in the Addicted and Smokers;
  12. Prenatal Diseases (PKU & Dawn Syndrome) 


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